Smokers, BBQ's, Grills...nothing like the smell and taste of a BBQ or Smoker!


How It's Made

The main body of the smoker is made from 3/16" thick plate steel wich is thicker than most smokers.
Hot box is designed from 1/4" plate, built to the exact size you want, on Talley or not.

What It Costs

There are a variety of ways we can build these, each smoker is a custom on-off design built specifically for the user.
Upon meeting with a perspective buyer we will determine your needs and at that point will be able to quote you a price.

Some Of Your Options

Choice of finishes for now is basically 1000 degree rattle can paint or raw steel.
Fire pit, gas grill for cooking beans etc., umbrella holder, trailer, storage for wood/chips/rubs/sauces ect., lots of possibilities with a trailer mounted smoker!