The DetailsSome facts and details to consider

Nothing at 4x4Beast Fabrication is prefabbed. We will absoulutly need your project at our shop in Elk Grove California.

Consider your future plans! Tying in an exo skeleton or cage in the future will be alot easier and cleaner if we design for that now.

Bumpers are attached directly to the frame using factory mounting points, some vehicles may require custom mounting and trimming for proper fitment. There are a lot of options with bumpers including: stinger, winch mount, D-rings, clevis tabs, reciever hitch, tabs for auxilary lighting, recessed lights, using as air tank. We fabricate plate and tubular bumpers or a combination of both.

Rectangular or Tubular Rock Sliders are welded on after reinforcing your frame rails at the mounting points. Our sliders are designed to be used as steps, lift points and to protect your sheet metal while scraping against mother nature. Bolt-on mounting is extra and will take a little longer to complete. The length of your sliders will also effect the cost.

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Rough Price SheetThere are variables that effect the end cost such as market price on steel, thickness desired, total length, customization...

Services Estimate Description
Rock Sliders $475.00 (1)
$575.00 (2)
(1) reg cab short bed.
(2) extra cab long bed.
Front Bumper $700.00 Made to compliment your rig's lines and if possible decrease the approach angle.
Rear Bumper $575.00 (1)

$675.00 (2)
$750.00 (3)
(1) Basic. Uses your stock mounts and will not wrap around to the back of the rear tires. Basic is a single rectangular or round capped tube.
(2) Includes wrap arounds and attachment points.
(3) Includes the above plus reciever mount.
Rear Bumper w/Swing Gate Tire Carrier $975.00* Carry a full size spare out of the way from everything. Swing gate locks and pivots on lifetime sealed bearings. Endless possibilities with this sytem including mounts for: Hi-Lift jack, water jugs, fuel containers, etc...
*May be more depending on vehicle, options, and design.
Exo Skeleton per foot* *Price is $13-$15 per foot depending on cost of material being used, market price on steel dictates end costs.
Roll Cages per foot* *Price is $14-$16 per foot depending on cost of material being used, market price on steel dictates end costs.
Welding $30.00 hr General welding needs. Per hour may be waved in lieu of a project price.
Consultation $30.00 hr There is a fee if you are just picking our brains for knowledge to do it yourself. We understand the increased pride of ownership when you DIY and will help you plan/design your build but it will cost ya!